Nariman Haddad

Nariman Haddad
International Legal Counselor

Legal counselor Haddad is a multi-lingual experienced lawyer based in Copenhagen; She holds experience in International law, immigration law and anti-money laundering legal practice. She graduated from the Copenhagen university.

In her career, she assumed positions as a legal counsellor in several reputable law firms, worked with the Ministry of Immigration and Integration, assumed the position as a ‘Lay Judge’ in criminal cases, while currently is the C.O.O. of GDPR and an anti-money laundering official entity.

She participated in many international legal workshops and conferences that gave her great connections in the legal arena and polished her professional legal knowledge and social skills.

A self-starter independent lady, she has been always active in human rights issues and volunteered for various humanitarian situations.

‘Knots Consultancy’ prides itself with counselor Haddad being part of its team, and accordingly sees a huge benefit to its clients in their business ventures.