Questions Answered

It depends on the level that the clients request; a simple 20 pages pre-feasibility study of a known industry can take around two weeks to complete. The complexity of the project defines the needed timeframe. This means that some projects could take between three months and one year to complete as we might need to go into deep market research, hire specialized outsourced consultants, source related information, and utilize many resources to get reliable results.
A feasibility study can range from $3,000 to millions of dollars, depending on the project's magnitude. An oil refinery needs one year of studies and a huge amount of resources, while a retail shop needs two or three weeks. In general, a complete feasibility study costs around 5% of the project's estimated value.
We have around 25 experienced consultants on contract basis. Once a client defines his needs, we appoint the specialized consultant whose experience matches the client's domain. Another executive reviews the first submission, and finally, the managing partner signs it off.
We will gladly help in the implementation phase of any project, especially if we were behind the original business plan. We can assume the role of the project's start up management till the project kicks off and the final management assumes its duties.
Besides Lebanon, we hold around 20 years of experience in the G.C.C. and the KSA; Accordingly, we can assume duties in the KSA, the UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar where we have high level connections and affiliates.
Since we are connected with commercial and investment banks, we can help you launch your project through funding from within our circle of financing entities in a straight-forward and easy manner.
We know the investment banking industry and we will gladly place our knowledge and connections in your hands.
Contact the Knots Consultancy team for further information and help on your enquiry.