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We are a team of highly educated corporate business executives, engineers, bankers and lawyers, holding a collective experience of at least 100 years and in diverse business industries.

Through our professional teams, we are capable of providing advisory roles at various business phases; whether at a startup or at an operational phase.

We place our experience and connections that surpass Lebanon, the G.C.C. and Europe, in the hands of our clients; consequently, the risk of failure would be minimized and the chances of success would improve.  

Why should you hire a consultant?

As 'Consulting' is the practice of helping organizations improve their performance, some may request the services of consultants for a number of reasons, including gaining external, objective advice and the access to the consultants' specialized expertise and connections.

Whether you are starting a new company or growing an existing business, hiring us can be a cost-effective way for your business to leverage specialized knowledge.

Our Mission in few words...

With an unwavering commitment to its founding principles of quality, efficiency and sustainability, and in line with the highest standards of transparency and corporate governance, ‘Knots Consultancy’ strives to transform businesses into organized and profitable entities.

Our Philosophy

Decisions that mark the route that we follow, are the roadmap of our lives.

Professionalism'': It's NOT the job you DO, It's HOW you DO the job. 

Dear Professionals,

Because businesses need to have all pillars working harmoniously to create a synergistic output, we remain keen to impact the enhancement of all interdependent functions within organizations.

We believe that care should be simultaneously addressed in all business departments to achieve the true potential and goals of the business.

Our extensive business travel, diverse industry teams and the connections we have, all complement the vision we have to provide a one-stop shop to all the business needs of our partners.

In summary;

'We are practitioners' sums up the difference between the 'I told you so' and the 'I achieved this'.

We look forward to serving you,

Omar Ardati


Different Industries, Many Teams, One Company!

We proudly serve a wide spectrum of services in different industries

Trading & Commercial Actives (Import – Export)

knots consultancy Trading & Commercial Actives (Import – Export)
knots consultancy manufacturing


Maritime Works - (Marinas Designs, Installations & Operations)

knots consultancy Maritime Works - (Marinas Designs, Installations & Operations)

Maritime Yachts - Purchase or Repair (Consultancy)

Environmental Management Studies

Prefabricated Homes

Solar Energy - (Design and implementation)

Hotel Industry

General Contracting - (Focus on  Infrastructure)

Facilities Management - (Planning, Commissioning and Operating)

Real Estate 

Educational Institutions - Training 

Mega Real Estate Developments - (Strategic Planning & Operations)


Capital Markets

Portfolio Management


Are you looking for a Consultant for your business?

Our Services

We are strategically focused in our work

Administration & Human Resources

We provide professional consultancy roles for your administration and human resources department, while emphasizing on 'Corporate Development and Training'.

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Financial Consultancy

Our financial advisers are ready to help you minimize your expenses and increase your revenues, while simultaneously ensuring that your risk is minimal.

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Marketing Activities

Questions: How much, and how frequently should you spend on marketing? Should your generated income be injected to your marketing activities? What kinds of marketing activities are best for you?

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Legal Advisory

Our team of experienced legal advisers are ready to help for any business situation.

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Our Methodology

Methodology: We operate primarily through collecting the current data and analyzing it, we then move to a research phase and finally suggest remedial plans for increasing efficiency.

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Our Team

Our team, your partners

Omar Ardati

Managing Partner

Teddy Abourjeily

Senior Consultant

Doha El Assaad

Consultant and Trainer

Nariman Haddad

International Legal Counselor


Questions Answered

It depends on the level that the clients request; a simple 20 pages pre-feasibility study of a known industry can take around two weeks to complete. The complexity of the project defines the needed timeframe. This means that some projects could take between three months and one year to complete as we might need to go into deep market research, hire specialized outsourced consultants, source related information, and utilize many resources to get reliable results.
A feasibility study can range from $3,000 to millions of dollars, depending on the project's magnitude. An oil refinery needs one year of studies and a huge amount of resources, while a retail shop needs two or three weeks. In general, a complete feasibility study costs around 5% of the project's estimated value.
We have around 25 experienced consultants on contract basis. Once a client defines his needs, we appoint the specialized consultant whose experience matches the client's domain. Another executive reviews the first submission, and finally, the managing partner signs it off.
We will gladly help in the implementation phase of any project, especially if we were behind the original business plan. We can assume the role of the project's start up management till the project kicks off and the final management assumes its duties.
Besides Lebanon, we hold around 20 years of experience in the G.C.C. and the KSA; Accordingly, we can assume duties in the KSA, the UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar where we have high level connections and affiliates.
Since we are connected with commercial and investment banks, we can help you launch your project through funding from within our circle of financing entities in a straight-forward and easy manner.
We know the investment banking industry and we will gladly place our knowledge and connections in your hands.
Contact the Knots Consultancy team for further information and help on your enquiry.

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